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Bridesmaids Bouquet 

To view more of our Bridesmaids bouquets  click  here >BRIDESMAIDS

Minimum of 2 weeks in advance is needed  to  order

Bridesmaids bouquets plays a hold a very special place in weddings and events. They are biggest eye catching  adding  a certain flavor to the event   

The bouquets are what stand out in all the pictures and in the wedding  besides the dress.  This is why there is such an importance on how you design your bouquets. You have to make sure the bride’s bouquet stands out from the rest, but the entire wedding party is in synch.

All of our work is  custom made . When you order a Bridesmaids Bouquet shown in our website, we will make it just for you, because of this we can customize all of our items with different flowers, colors and details.

If you prefer something different from our online selection, we can create a design especial for you. Just email your favorite pictures of wedding bouquets, or Pinterest link of and we'll create it for you.   

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